Totto Renna, also known as Supertotto, lives and works in Naples and Berlin.

Artist, illustrator, motion and graphic designer, he works for several magazines, international advertising agencies, production companies, publishers and new media agencies. He has been a teacher of Digital Illustration at the Urbino Academy of Arts.

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SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: Novantanove. Torino Graphic Days (Torino 2016) Save Point. A Pixel Art Show (Portland 2013) Tiger Translate Metropolis (Singapore 2010) Platine. Festival for electronic art and alternative game forms (Köln 2010) Over the Game (Sevilla 2009) Pixel Fabrik. My Personal Exhibition (Lecce 2008) Cartoombria Animation Festival (Perugia 2004)

FEATURED ON: Every Day Is Play. A Celebration of the Video Game (Steve McKevitt, 2014) FREI5TIL. The Book of Illustrators (Hermann Schmidt Mainz, 2014) Web Design Handbook (Loft Publications, 2009) AD Magazine (Condé Nast, 2008) GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames (Johan & Levi, 2006) Advanced Photoshop Magazine (Imagine Publishing, 2006) Computer Arts Magazine (Future Media, 2004) 1X1. Pixel Based Illustration & Design (Mark Batty Publisher, 2004) Pixelworld. A New Art Form is Born (Laurence King/IdN, 2003)

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